Forgings and castings for power-plant industry


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Production and delivery of forgings for power-plant industry is priority business segment for OMZ-Special Steels.

Key products of this segment are turbine generator rotor shafts, steam turbine rotor shafts, hydraulic shafts and forgings for hydropower industry, forgings for gas transporting plants and gas turbines, forgings for shafts and components of power plant equipment etc.

Generator rotor shafts are made of steel grades 38CrNi3MoVA, 35CrNi3MoVA, 34CrNi1MoA, 26NiCrMoV115 and others. Forging is performed on ingots weighing up to 360 tons, with barrel diameter – 1 200 mm.

Turbine rotor shafts for high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure cylinders are made of steel grades 25Cr1Mo1VA, 30CrNi3Mo1VA, 26CrNi3Mo2VA, 23CrMoNiWV88 and others. Forging ingot weighs up to 360 tons, finished product diameter  up to 2 000 mm.

List of forgings for gas turbines includes shafts of compressors and rotors, disks and rods etc. The range of steels molten: 26CrNi3Mo2VA-A, 15Mo3, 26NiCrMoV145, 26NiCrMoV115 etc. We have experience of production of disks for gas turbines with power up to 150 MWt.

Forgings for hydropower industry: hydraulic welded shafts and all forged, belts etc. are made of steel grades 20MnSi, St.40, 06Cr12Ni3D. Product weight up to 150 tons. Maximum diameter of hydraulic shaft is 3 000 mm.

Range of forgings for gas transporting plants includes shafts, covers, barrels, flanges etc. Steel grades used are: St.25, 15Cr1Mo1V, 15Cr2NiMoVA, 38CrNi3MoVA, 10MnNi2MoVA, 09Mn2Si (-Sh), 34CrNi1MoA, 14Cr2MnMoB, 25Cr1Mo1V etc. 

Forgings for rotors of high chromium steel with Cr content more than 12%.

For more than 30 years the Company have been producing forgings for rotors and disks for steam and gas turbines and turbine generator rotors. Mastering production of rotor forgings resulted in development of technologies enabling to reach through section working out of metal more than 2 000 mm. All Russian turbine generators with power more than 50 MWt are equipped with solid-forged rotors, manufactured at production facilities of the Corporation enterprises from ingots weighing 180 to 360 tons, and such products have been successfully exported. More than 1 000 rotors of high-pressure and medium-pressure cylinders were manufactured from ingots weighing 30 to 142 tons. Rotor forgings of low-pressure cylinder for turbines with power 1 000 MWt are made of ingots weighing 235 tons.
Maximum parameters of forgings for rotors and disks:

  • rotor shaft length – up to 16 000 mm
  • barrel diameter – up to 2 000 mm
  • disk diameter – up to 2 500 mm
  • disk height – up to 500 mm
Maximum weight of forging – 260 tons  


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OMZ-SpecialSteels is qualified to produce castings for power plant industry.

We participated in the following strategic sites as Belarusian nuclear power plant, Leningrad nuclear power plant, Zhiguli hydroelectric station, Volga hydroelectric station, Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station, Rybinsk hydroelectric station, Kiev hydroelectric station, Kamsk hydroelectric station and others. We can produce one-of-a-kind castings according to your drawings and guarantee the highest quality and safe.

Product examples: 

  • Castings for nuclear power equipment: pump bodies and covers, torus and molten-core catcher bottom, spacer ring main circulation pump etc.

Steel grades (Casting Steels): 25-45.

  • Castings for hydropower industry: runner hubs, blades, rims, bosses, rotor barrels, shafts, covers and locking rings etc.

Steel grades (Casting Steels): 25, 20MnS, 08MnCuNiV, 06Cr12Ni3Сu, 10Cr12NiCu, Ni30, 12Cr18Ni9Ti, 08Cr15Ni4CuMo, CA-6NM.

  • Castings for steam and gas turbines: high and intermediate pressure cylinders, steam turbine boxes, nozzle boxes, suction pipings etc.

Steel grades (Casting Steels): 25, 20CrMo, 08MnCuNiV, 20MnS, Ni30, КТ5103KS24.

Forgings Sales Department for power-plant industry: 
Phone: +7 (812) 322-82-52 (64-79), fax: +7 (812) 322-80-07
Contact Personnel: Svetlana U. Shkurina

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