OMZ-Special Steels pays great attention to its employees's professional growth and new staff training. 

Company's employees constantly undergo training, upgrade their skills. OMZ-Special Steels management is interested in the Plant's professional specialists. 

Personnel of the Company work with schools where thematic lessons are held, homerooms and other arrangements where one talks about metallurgical profession, about Plant's performance. Schoolchildren visit shop floors, are acquainted with employees' everyday activity. 

Moreover, OMZ-Special Steels collaborates with colleges – Company's staff hold lessons on metallurgical subjects. In turn, students undertake internships in the Plant, getting necessary experience with prospect of future partnership. 

Furthermore, OMZ-Special Steels also cooperates with universities, in particular, students who study on the «Metallurgical engineering» discipline. They take part in joint trade shows, conferences and other events, undertake internship in the Company. As a result, after graduating many students choose OMZ-Special Steels as place of employment. 

Going a step further, it's worth saying that OMZ-Special Steels takes care about not only its employees' professional growth, but also about their health. And this is not only because health is a formula of specialist's qualitative work, but also because Company should give care about nationals, contribute to country's sanitation and healthy children births. 

There is full monty in the Plant – gyms and sport equipment. Company's employees take active part in competitions on different sorts of sport among Izhorskaya industrial location's personnel as well as in district and city competitions. In fact, they often take medal places, become champions. The motto of OMZ-Special Steels is «Sport and work live nearby». 

OMZ-Special Steels participates in young people's patriotic upbringing. Meetings with veterans of the Company, with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, with veterans of battle actions are organized. On Military glory days in Russia additional events are held, running to study of the Russian nation feats, self-sacrificing labour of the «Izhora's» employees. 

These arrangements uplift humanity of the Company's employees. In fact, together we boost the production power in Russia.