Mission and values

The company's mission – to be the leader in the market of special steels in Russia.

With each tone of its products Special Steels Company is striving to create competitive advantages for our partners ensuring the highest quality standards of products, foreseeing customer needs, finding individual approach to each customer.

Basing on collective of like-minded persons, manifesting social responsibility, creating safe labor conditions, capabilities for development and self-realization of the personnel, OMZ-Special Steels improves competitive ability of the Russian industry, encouraging growth and development of our country.

The company's objectivethrough permanent improvement and constant perfection, using innovation technologies and high-technology equipment, fulfilling all commitments in full to clients, partners and employees of the Company to become leaders in the market of production of special steels in Russia.

The company's values: 

  • Safety and environment. We create all conditions for safe and comfortable labor. It is only safe labor that is able to become a foundation for long term and steady development of the Company. Preservation and protection of the environment are integral parts of the Company activities. We love the city we live and do our best to keep it green and clean.
  • Satisfaction of our clients’ demands. The only resource of our development – is in the Client, who over and over again comes to us. We on the daily basis win confidence and respect of our clients, seeking to a constant improvement of level of service of consumers of our products, endeavoring to predict in advance and respond to emerging needs of our customers.
  • Highest quality standards of our products. We guarantee high standards of our products to any of our customers with a quality without any doubt whatever. The Company does its best to reach perfection in the quality domain.
  • Personnel and social responsibility. We respect each employee working for our Company. The greatest value of our Company is people who work in it. Recognizing our full social responsibility, the Company creates every condition for dignified labor, development, training and self-realization of an employee. Elevating social responsibility for work result, the Company enables each employee to earn, evaluating his contribution to the common cause by means of transparent and understandable motivation system.
  • Team work. It is possible to reach the challenging targets only in a close-knit team, founded on honesty and mutual confidence. Constructive dialogue, fast response to changes, acknowledgement of liability for result will enable our Company to be a leader in our domain. 

SUCCESS AND SAFETY CERTIFICATE (2014) Success and safety 2014